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How to disable auto-renew on the web

First log into, then go to "My Account". On the account page, you will find the "Billing Info" heading. 

Click "Edit Membership" to view your current membership information. Your Membership Description will show you the name and price of your current membership. The Renewal section will show you when your account is set to renew or expire. 

If your auto-renewal is still active, you will see "Your membership will renew on [DATE]." You will also see the "Disable Auto-Renew" option. Click "Disable Auto-Renew" to turn off your auto-renew. 

If your auto-renewal is turned off, you will see "Your membership will expire on [DATE]". You may also see the option to Enable Auto-Renew. 

Please Note: If your membership is paid through Apple/iTunes or Google Play we will not be able to show you if your membership is set to renew or not, as Apple and Google do not allow us to access your membership payment information. You can read more about how to cancel your renewal with Apple or Google in these articles: