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How much does a JibJab membership cost?

JibJab offers a free account or a paid Premium Membership.

Our free members have limited access to create, view and share a handful of Starring You videos and photos. You can find these cards by searching "Free" on They can also create and share free GIFs in the JibJab mobile app.

The cost for a year-long JibJab Premium Membership is $24.00 USD/ year via our website. That breaks down to $2.00/month, but this price is only available when you purchase the whole year at once.

If you would prefer a monthly subscription instead, you can download our JibJab app for iPhone and Android. We have loads of free content in the app, and you can also access our Premium content by signing up for a monthly subscription for $2.99/month.

Please note: a JibJab Premium Membership purchased on the web also provides unlimited access to our JibJab iOS and Android apps!