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iOS App refund using the web

All billing issues and payments in the JibJab app are handled solely by Apple. If you would like to receive a refund from Apple using your web browser, please follow the instructions below!:

*How to get a refund using the web:

If you're not at your computer, or simply prefer to sidestep iTunes, you can still request a refund using any web browser.

1. Go to Apple's 'report a problem' page.
2. Log in with your Apple ID and password.
3. Select the appropriate tab—all, music, movies, TV shows, apps, or books.
4. Find the purchase you want refunded.
5. Select Report a Problem to the right of the purchase.
6. Select the reason you want the refund.
7. Fill in the description, as appropriate.
8. Select Submit.

If you'd like to request a refund from Apple using iTunes, click here for instructions.

If you'd like to request a refund from Apple directly from your iPhone or iPad, click here for instructions.