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How do I take a photo?

Here’s how to add a new face in the app:

1) Open the JibJab app
2) Tap on the "active" face at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to your face library.
3) Tap the "plus" button to add a new face!

The app will then direct you to take a selfie. Just make sure to place your face within the oval. You can also use a photo from your photo gallery by tapping the gallery option to the left of the camera button. 

We will do our best to identify all of the faces in your photo! If we've missed the mark, here's how you can edit the face(s) you wish to adjust:

  1. On the face preview page, click on the face to edit it.
  2. Use one finger to drag the face into the face shape. Use two fingers to "pinch" and rotate the face or adjust the size of the face.
  3. When you’re finished click the checkmark.