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How do I share my eCard on Facebook?

If you want to post an eCard to your Facebook timeline, you have a couple of options:


Find the card you'd like to post here.
Click 'Share'
Click the 'Facebook' icon on the next page
You will then have the option to post the card to your own wall or on a friend's wall.

If this feature is not working, it may be because you have a pop-up blocker enabled or need to clear your cache and cookies!
If you are on a mobile device, the pop-up may not generate. In this case, you will have to use option 2.


Copy and paste the URL of an eCard directly to the Facebook page of your choice. You can do this by copying and pasting the URLs you see at or in the URL bar of any card after you've made it.


If you're having trouble, please check out this video about how to post the URL directly to Facebook: