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How do I add more heads? (either on your computer or on your mobile browser):
1. Select a Starring You video to create. You can find our eCards here:
2. Click “Make Card”
3. Click the Plus ( + ) button to the left of your stored heads, below the casting window.
4. Upload a photo from your computer, take one with your webcam, or select one from your Facebook, Instagram or Google Photos account.
5. Use the slider buttons below the editing window to adjust the size and rotation of the head in your picture. You can Click and drag the photo to move it around. When you’re finished click ‘Next.’
6. Drag the edit points to adjust the size, shape and location of the mouth.
7. When you’re finished, click "Next".

Note: Please make sure the image you are uploading is either a JPG or PNG file and that it is under 3 MB (3,000 KB) in size.


JibJab Mobile App:
1. Tap on the “active” head at the bottom center of the app.
2. Tap the “Add Face” button from your heads menu
3. Snap a selfie, or take a photo of someone else by pressing the “flip camera” button to the right of the camera button.
4. Or tap the “Photo Gallery” option to the left of the camera button to choose a photo from your phone library
5. Tap and drag the photo to fit it into the head template. “Pinch” or “push” the photo to resize it. Rotate the photo by touching and rotating the photo with two fingers.
6. Select the face shape you wish to use
7. Tap the checkmark when you’re finished!

Don’t worry about adding the mouth at this point! Once your new head is cast in a “Starring You” card, you will be asked to create a mouth.