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How to Make a Starring You!® Ecard


To make a Starring You® Ecard, first find a card you would like to send. You can view all of our cards at

Click on a card to see a preview. On the Preview screen you will be able to see the “Cast” size, if the card offers several cast options you will be allowed to select from a drop-down menu, otherwise you will just see “Cast X people”

If you like the card, click the “Make Video” button to customize it.

You are now on the casting page. Click the face you would like to cast for space one, or click the plus button to add a new face. 

If your card has more than one head, click each head as it corresponds to the space you would like it to appear in. 

Once all the heads are cast, click “Next”.

You will then be taken to the sharing page. Here you can watch your completed Ecard. Click the "Add Message" button to add a personal message, or click the "Share" button to share the card via Email, Facebook, or copy a direct link to the card.

If you have any questions, shoot us an email at and we'll be happy to help!